How You Can make Use of Gamification for Your Better Business

Long practiced in the BtoC universe to promote a new product, gamification is now used for managerial and commercial purposes in all sectors of activity. Using the techniques of entertainment, sharing and competition, it is a considerable lever to develop the commercial potential of your customers but also of your sales force. With hoversignal now the options come perfect here.

Light on this practice in vogue

  • The origins of gamification: when the game becomes serious.
  • More than 6 billion dollars: this is the expected value of the gamification market in 2019. This is a significant figure that, according to several studies, will continue to grow in the coming years, driven in particular by millennials and the explosion of virtual and augmented reality.
  • In concrete terms, gamification consists of transposing the motivation mechanisms of the game into a professional environment to meet acquisition, engagement or training objectives.
  • The principles of the game are more and more frequently exploited for commercial purposes. Fun marketing events are thus regularly set up, inviting potential customers to participate in contests or other loyalty programs.

For example, the company on the occasion of the launch of its new product, published a visual game on its Facebook page, generating more than 26,000 likes, 6,200 shares, 11,000 comments and an increase in sales. In the same vein, Starbucks has set up a gaming platform to reward and retain customers as they purchase: the more users consume products, the more stars they accumulate rewards.

The success of gamification with customers is undeniable and it is an essential lever for any company wishing to sublimate the user experience and entertain around a new product / service.

Faced with this craze, gamification has gradually been used to motivate and involve their own teams. Many Fortune 1000 companies are using gamification successfully and the kind of results they are experiencing is a 19% increase in sales, 10% in service levels, 81% in collaboration and 373% in the use of learning management systems.

The application dedicated to management and commercial animation

By promoting the playful aspect of competition, by encouraging progression and surpassing oneself through reward systems, gamification is an excellent way to animate and train your sales force.

One of the characteristics of the commercial population is its attraction to the challenge and the game. It is therefore necessary to capitalize on these qualities. More than 40% of organizations use gaming as their primary mechanism for developing revenue.

In reality, the gamification applied to team management is based on a fun learning system to collect points associated with rewards as and when they progress in the ranking. Based on the mechanics of video games with a progressive progression system, it allows sales managers to launch personalized challenges, individual or collective, to their team. Another example is the company, which has deployed an internal social game designed to develop the productivity, collaboration and involvement of its teams. A few months later, the company saw an improvement in internal exchanges and an average increase of 20 to 25% in productivity.

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