VAT Registration in UAE: On which businesses does VAT apply?

If a business is registered for VAT, the VAT will be applied to it. all the businesses will have to pay VAT quality if they are registered for VAT. If any zone gets defined as a designated zone, that particular free zone will be treated out the VAT so no taxes will be applied to that area. So, if you are doing business in a designated zone, no tax will be implemented on it.

VAT registration in UAE

VAT registration in UAE is very important for the implementation of a VAT. If the business comes under the category of those entities who are eligible to pay tax, it should pay tax or else it would have to face so many difficulties, fines and penalties as well. Go to this link and find more details

The final list of products on which VAT does apply

The final list of the products has been formulated by Federal tax authority on which the 5 per cent value-added tax will be implemented. The VAT was implemented on the people in UAE since 1 January. Those which come under this category will have to pay VAT on all of their goods and services while the rest will be exempted from tax and no tax will be implemented in those areas.

Education sector

Some areas of education are tax-free for the people while in some areas, you have to pay VAT.

The education that is provided to the people by the institution of private higher education sector does come under the taxable entities. Also, school uniforms of the student, their stationary and all other electronic and chemical equipment are taxable as well. this means that education is free but all other accessories related to it are taxable in UAE.


just like the education sector, the healthcare sector also has some areas which are zero-rated and taxed. There are different types of healthcare services that are provided to the people in UAE for free but the cosmetic surgeries and other elective surgeries are taxed. The medicines and other equipment which are not on the cabinet lost are taxed. Other suppliers also come under the taxed category. So, VAT registration is necessary if you are in the business of such stuff. you can also take help VAT consultants in dubai, UAE Click here to get detail.

Oil and Gas

No tax is implemented o crude oil and natural gas but all other oil and gas products are taxed. The fuel which is at the petrol pumps is taxed as well.

Real estate

In case of real estate, the rent, as well as the sale of commercial buildings, are taxed. Also, the accommodation of hotels, motels, land which is not bare is taxed too. along with the stuff mentioned above, the people who build their own building in UAE do have to pay VAT as well. note that the VAT, in this case, can be recovered and you can get the vat return filling services as well.

Financial Sector

The products having an explicit fee, commission, rebate is taxed.

Gold, silver and platinum jewelry

99 per cent pure items and jewelry are taxed

Insurance and reinsurance

Health, motor, property and insurance and reinsurance are taxed as well. take the vat services in Dubai or consult a tax agent in Dubai if you want to gain more knowledge about the subject.

Food and beverages

All food and beverage products are taxed.

Telecoms and electronic services

Mobile phones, broadband services and all the wired and wireless and electronic services are taxed.

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