Things you have to know to prepare for studying in the United States

More than a decade ago, children were more likely to complete undergraduate education in the country, and then the state was sent abroad to study for graduate students and even doctors. Therefore, at that stage, the main body of international students is graduate students. In recent years, with the opening of the study abroad group we just mentioned, the study abroad is showing a trend of younger age. More and more families choose to put their children in the United States during the undergraduate and even high school years.

In fact, in the application of American universities, we first believe that good children are more likely to be favored by excellent universities. I think this choice is common to all university applications. Just in different cultural environments, the definition of excellence is not the same. For example, in Columbia University, for example, when schools select students, they will be divided into several pieces. The first and most important thing is of course the students. Results.

However, a high score does not necessarily bring a good school to your offer, and does not necessarily bring the school to give you an olive branch. Why? It is because in the matter of excellence, if the American university or the elite university in the United States is only because of the excellent student performance, he is already full. If you define excellence as a good student, there are too many. At this time, foreign universities have also paid attention to many points, such as the comprehensive quality of students. That is to say, if we want to be accepted by a better university, in addition to learning the matter itself, there are a lot of proofs outside the classroom that can make you truly discover some better training, and can let you feel This true understanding of the culture of this American university and the experience of this educational feature is a great addition to your application.

After the application is successful, you need to make other preparations. First, you need a medical examination and a vaccination for foreign students (also known as 留学生疫苗). The school will have clear regulations. In addition, you need to pay attention to your identity at all times, especially after graduation, the student status expires, if there is no legal status, it is likely to be repatriated. The H1b visa is the choice of most people. After the h1b visa application is successful, it is valid for 3 years. After 3 years, the h1b renewal (also known as h1b续签) can be carried out. If the job is changed midway, the h1b transfer process (also known as h1b transfer 流程) is required. In recent years, the rejection rate of h1b (also known as h1b被拒) is getting higher and higher, and the preparation of h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料) is also cumbersome. Therefore, many people will find professional lawyers to help. There are many h1b lawyers in the Bay Area (also known as 湾区h1b律师), but the level is different and we need to choose carefully.

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